Duplicate synced files with computer name

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We are facing a strange experience where duplicate folders are created for the synced SharePoint folders within SP Library.

Example: Let's assume my Laptop name is ARA01, and the Folder name in SP is Finance is synced to my machine. As few days, we have noticed duplicate folder with name Finance - ARA01 created and synced to SharePoint.


We tried clearing the credential manager as suggested in other articles, but no luck.


Please let me know if you have come across any such situation and fixed the issue.

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@Aravind Ganesan We are experiencing the same issue. I used the program beyond compare to check differences between the two folders, then copied the files from the folder-computer name to the original folder, then deleted the duplicate folder. However, it came back the next day. It said it was created by a different user so I logged onto that user's computer, right clicked on the folder and selected free up space and deleted the duplicate folder from sharepoint. Then it unsynced from the computer. 

I still don't know why this is happening. It seems like OneDrive is configured correctly, but we are constantly having the sync between SharePoint and OneDrive break and I think that is what is causing the issue.