Disabling versioning without higher access

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hi there,


I currently have 2 business accounts that are set up on onedrive, one has full priviledges and the other does not.


I find versioning totally a waste of online resources and really want to turn it off.


Now, i managed to use this script https://www.spguides.com/sharepoint-online-powershell-disable-versioning/ via Powershell for one of the accounts, the one where i have a full fledged account, and that's great.


The other account though which i also need, has much less storage and i would really like to disable versioning. I asked someone to do that for me but not sure she can do it.


Having said that, is there another way for disabling versioning? if i go to the settings on the website you only get:




and that's kinda the problem. when i run the Powershell script i get: Execute Query - Access denied,. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource.


Is there any other way for achieving this at all??? Once again, the powershell trick worked on one account and no versions are live now (tested) and it's great, but on the other, no luck with the same command.


I checked every single setting and cannot find anything.


many thanks,


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Not sure what you're asking here, you obviously need permissions to make such changes, so add yourself as secondary SC admin before running the script. 

@Vasil Michev


thanks, what is a SC admin? console admin? can you explain please?

It's Secondary Site Collection administrator, read here: https://petri.com/4-ways-add-secondary-administrator-onedrive-business