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I have seen the announcement from August describing this copy to or move to function from OneDrive to SharePoint and have seen the pop up telling me I can do this.   However, when I try to "copy to" from OneDrive to SharePoint, the only option I'm given is OneDrive folders.  I'm not seeing any team sites and I'm not given the option to browse.   Any one else having this issue? 

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It's being rolled out...I have it it one of my tenants:
(1) You need to be in first release.
(2) You need to disable custom script stuff at personal sites...remember that this change needs 24 hours to be applied

By the way, Flow template  Copy files between OneDrive for Business and SharePoint appeared. Didn't test it, have no such need.

Nice approach to automate the copy of ODFB files to SharePoint...some re-work might be needed to decide what files have to be copied though

I am on first release and I have the script turned off.  I am still not able to "browse" to a differnet location from within SharePoint.  OneDrive I have options to where I would like to "copy to", however not the proper folders. When I click on our team site the only folders I see are "Form Templates" and "Hold Reports".   



We can use the function, however, it only displays a certain amount of SharePoint sites, and often not the ones which we have 'favourited'. When we click 'Browse more', it displays nothing, meaning that we can't always copy to the site we want to!

If I click browse more in my OneDrive, it displays the lists of all the sites where my user has you might have an issue in your tenant

I am on first release and when I try to do the copy from My OneDrive there is no option for browse more. I'm only presented with the list of folders currently in my OneDrive

Guy: Did you also configure (2) setting (about custom script)? You need to do it and wait 24 hours so the setting is propagated

We don't use any custom scripts. Our SharePoint Onlins is straight out of the box with nothing modified.


Maybe I'm not understanding.

Here you are: It is enough disabling "Prevent users from running custom script on personal sites or Allow users to run custom script on personal sites."

Thanx Juan. I turned it off - I'll see what happens tomorrow.


Once again I find out I sometimes have no idea what I'm doing :)

Actually it didn't take 24 hours. That option is now available to me after about 2 hours.

Great it's working for you!

Thanks @Juan Carlos González Martín - Regarding first release. Does the whole tenant have to be first release or will the change show up for a user in the first release group?  


In my case I have selective first release configured