Can't start on-premises SharePoint sync with Groove.exe

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I have the old OneDrive for Business (groove.exe) and new nextgen sync client (onedrive.exe) both instaled on my computer.  But when I click the "Sync" button on my on-premises SharePoint 2013 site the Groove.exe does not startup up to configure the sync.  Instead the OneDrive.exe starts up and prompts me to login.  And of course when I do that it says I am already logged in and should sign in using a different account.


Any idea why Groove.exe is not starting up automatically?  I am wondering if it's because I ran OneDrive.exe /takeover a while back and even though that should not change on-premises sync perhaps it's related?


Thanks, Bruce...


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Have you tried to start the sync from Groove, adding manually the library?

Yes, doing that works.  But shouldn't clicking "Sync" start Groove.exe automatically?  It seems to do that for one of my co-workers.