"Shared Libraries" not viable. Only in Classic OneDrive

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When logged in as a User, there are no Shared Libraries even though the user is a member of a number of groups. When you select "Return to classic OneDrive" you can see the groups and select a group and all the files & folders are viable there. 


Is there a way to make the groups viable in the "New" view


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You need to go to those sites and follow them for them to show in the new view. Old view just shows groups you are part of. Thinking if you view those SharePoint sites they aren't followed. Nowadays when new groups get added pretty sure you auto follow them thou.

I'm also having this problem when I create a new shared library in onedrive, it doesn´t appear on the side menu as well as the ones that I'm a member.


In my onedrive just appear some random libraries that I had never seen. It shouldn't be better to first show the libraries that I created, then the ones that I'm a member, and finally the ones that I follow on SharePoint?


The same thing happens on Sharepoint website. The libraries I created and the ones that I'm a member don't appear on the main page. Just some random one appears on frequented visited.