Security Group - Owners "Missing" in the new People View - can you please check your tenants for me?

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Can someone check some functionality for me, I've checked a couple of tenants and got the same result.


We allow the Owners of security groups to manage membership and therefore users go hunting for who owns a SG, it works well and we get minimal calls about "can I be a member of XXXXX group please"


Recently, under the new change to the people view, the functionality seems to have gone everywhere bar one place, see the below screenshots.


The "old way" where you searched for someone, and the owner tab was visible within "People"



Doing this now, pops up a contact pane on the right, but missing the owner tab, note it also shows as a DL when its actually a SG.



Composing a message to the group in anything other than IE also pops out the same contact card on the right.

(note the ellipsis, etc all buttons lead to nowhere in terms of group ownership)


You have to press the button to compose the message in a new window (highlighted in yellow above) before the behaviour changes and you can finally see a group owner.





This seems a little strange, I just wanted to see if anyone was experiencing the same in their tenants, and if so do they have a more end user friendly way (wihout Outlook clients) of finding a group owner?!





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I can see Owners for both "regular" DGs and mail-enabled security groups. BUT if i use the Search function, I get the same rezult as you. So browsing the groups works fine, searching not so much.