Improving Personal Productivity


In December of last year, @Christian Buckley presented a webinar called Improving Your Personal Productivity. While new features and updates continue to be rolled out by Microsoft, Christian’s presentation focused on the incremental changes that individuals can make to improve their own productivity, using the tools they already have access to.

You can listen to the whole webinar here (and embedded below) - here are a few highlights from the webinar:

  1. Documenting Conversations – Have conversations within all Office Web applications. Chat with your co-workers as you edit in real time. If IMs aren’t enough, quickly turn your conversation into a group call or video chat. Here’s how.
  2. Ignore Reply-All – Clean up your inbox! Keep unwanted conversations out of your Inbox with the Ignore Conversation
  3. Boards in Office Delve - Make discovering content easier. Create boards, pin documents and share with other users. Rather than saving to your personal space, make documents you discover visible to people you think would find them relevant. Also, check out the product spotlight on Delve here.
  4. Sway – Office Sway helps you create and share interactive reports, stories and presentations. Create unique presentations quickly with Sway’s built-in design engine that helps you apply new designs or fully customize your layout. For more information, check out Getting Started with Sway.

What office features do you use to improve your day-to-day productivity?



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