Delve Analytics Outlook add-in not respecting default browser

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The Delve Analytics Outlook add-in that has rolled out has some links such as the More Stats button and the Change your settings link. The links launch the Edge browser even when the default web browser for the system is Google Chrome. It's not a very good user experience to throw someone into a browser they don't use. Any idea why the add-in behaves this way? I've taken a look through Windows 10 default apps/protocols and can't see any obvious reason why this is happening.


Edit: correction, it's opening in IE (which is still not my default browser)


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Hi @Paul Cunningham! Thanks for letting us know. I'll connect with our Delve Analytics PM team to learn more about the current configuration and get back to you shortly!

Hey @Paul Cunningham! Just spoke with the Product team. We have received similar feedback regarding the Add-in. Unfortunately, the Add-in is launched in a browser determined by the Add-in platform team (who currently force open in IE). We are in discussions with the platform team and will continue aiming for a suitable solution for customers. Thanks for the feedback- we really appreciate it and welcome any questions you have!

What an absolutely bizarre decision to actively choose a browser that is not even the default "out of the box" browser for Windows 10, let alone actively choosing to ignore the user's chosen default browser. I hope they can rectify this promptly.

I couldn't agree more Paul. Edge should be the Microsoft default. I'm personally delighted with the new Outlook add in but this is very jarring. I'm amazed this gets through initial testing. As you say here's hoping this is fixed soon.

Hi People has anyone heard any update on this?

Hi Johnathan--I just connected with the PM team again to get an update. Stay tuned!

Looking for an update myself

Referring to @Peter Bergen and @Nathan Barnett for an update please.

@Paul Cunningham @John Wynne @Peter Bergen and I just followed up with the MyAnalytics PM team. They confirmed that this issue has been addressed, though it may take time to reach some end users depending on the Outlook build they're on.