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Using a LGPL library in a MSIX package

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we are considering to use a library under the GNU Lesser General Public License. If I understood the license correctly, this means we need to provide the user with the option of replacing the library .dll. But if I understand it correctly MSIX packages don't allow to dynamically link to libraries that are not part of the package. Is this the case? Is there a way to comply with the requirements of the GNU LGPL in a MSIX packaged product?

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@DominiqueFrost One could make an argument that it is possible for the end-user to create a Modification Package in the MSIX Packaging Tool that has the replacement library.  The key would be that your placement of the library in the package will need to be in a common (VFS) folder location, and you'd need to document that location.  So placing in the the VFS\SystemX86 or VFS\SystemX64 folder probably works.