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Using the MSIX Packaging Tool we get a com3:ServiceServer element in our package, but we cannot find any docs on this element. In the ComServer docs we can only find ExeServerSurrogateServrProgId or TreatAsClass. 


Are there any docs updates in progress or ....?






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@Bogdan Mitrache That looks like a COM+ entry. Run dcomcnfg.exe on the machine you installed it on and you should find something under there.


COM+ and DCOM were always things that App-V wouldn't support, so I wonder if this means MSIX may finally be supporting them?

Thanks @Dan Gough, our problem so far was not detecting what is installed on the machine, but how that resource should be defined in the AppXManifest, so that Advanced Installer can build a valid package.


We've done a lot of reverse engineering for our App-V support, hopefully, this will not be the case for MSIX too, and the MSIX team can point us towards the right docs.

@Bogdan Mitrache This is part of the Windows 10 2004 release.  We are working on documentation updates for that release.



@Bogdan Mitrache I haven't tried poking around for AppX/MSIX, but the XSD schema for the App-V manifest could be obtained by extracting AppVManifest.dll and AppVPolicy.dll via 7-Zip or a resource hacker. There may be a dll somewhere either from the OS and/or the packaging tool that has an equivalent for MSIX...