Support for ETW


The target application installer creates a new an Event Trace for Windows log, and registers a message formatter.  The runtime of the app subsequently writes to this log at runtime.


When this target app install is captured using the MSIX Packaging tool, and the package subsequently deployed to a machine, the existence of the log is not seen in event viewer and it appears that all messages are being dropped.

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This is because the target application installer creates some event tracing registrations and we are not capturing this in the package when it is sequenced. Hence why you are not seeing this when you deploy to the machine. I'd like to understand the scenario a bit more and if you can provide some examples that would be good too. This could be a feature that we look at in future releases. 




An example application (which I know the team there has already packaged) is TMEdit (download of installer available from here: 


It creates two logs under TMurgent-TMEdit, one operational and one admin.