Shortcut to IE with plugin


I package up Fiddler in MSIX, and as part of that create a shortcut to Iexplore.exe so that I have a way to launch IE in the container with the IE plugin.


Upon installing the package, I get both the normal fiddler exe shortcut and a second IE shortcut.  The fiddler shortcut is fine, however clicking on the IE shortcut causes nothing to happen.


I'm attaching the package.

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I think there still are some improvements that we need to wait for here Tim.


I know this practice was standard for App-V packages, but from what I understood in the following related thread the same support isn't available at the moment for MSIX packages.


We'll see what the future holds...


Until then you might try using the cmdlet Invoke-CommandInDesktopPackage. It should work, we use it for debugging registry issues on our RS4 machines. (unfortunately on the RS5 insider builds it keeps crashing, I already submitted a bug via the Feedback Hub - maybe it's something with my machine and it will work for you...)

Yeah, that's ok for some debugging, but as it requires being in Developer Mode, it's never going to fly in production.  There needs to be a way to launch native apps in a container.