Multiple related products depends on update

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We have multiple products. All can be installed separate but also installed at the same time. All are send as single MSI file. The issue is now the upgrade. If someone get a new MSI for one product it must fit at least to the major version of all other installed products.

The test with different upgrade code fails because if all are installed and each has the rule to allow the updates only within the same major version you can Deinstall one product and than install any version because there is no crosscheck

Reading the docu :

The UpgradeCode property is a GUID representing a related set of products. The UpgradeCode is used in the Upgrade Table to search for related versions of the product that are already installed.

This sounds that we can use the same upgrade guid for all products and the installer can manage than the detection of the product versions for both.

Is this the correct way?

Or should we create a registry key „product major version“ and check this as central Storage over all MSI files.


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Unfortunately, we do not have the expertise to help you here. Please reach out if you are interested in migrating to MSIX or have any questions about MSIX.