Modification Package "Capabilities"


What are the rules for setting "Capabilities" on Modification Packages? 

Should it include the capabilities settings of the main package?  Or just what it needs?

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Hi, modification packages cannot set capabilities. They are inherited from the main package. 


@Dian Hartono  But wait...


What if I were a developer that wanted to build a plugin to an MSIX enabled application developed by someone else and needed to add a capability in order to get through the store submission process? Like maybe AutoCad and I want to add a camera based plugin, which I think can only be done as a Modification package.


Would I still mark the capability in the modification package to get through the store, but it will be ignored at runtime?  And might the camera get blocked in that case?


It is still the case that the main app needs to provide that permission for a plugin to access that capability. Using modification package to enhance/enable additional main package capabilities is something we can put in our backlog.