Error 0xC00CEE23 when Minor Version >= 10

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I found a strange issue the other day. When the Minor version number is greater than or equal to 10, Windows 10 2004 machines will not be able to install a package from a URI. UNC paths work.


Here is the full error message:


"App installation failed with error message: error 0xC00CEE23: The XML in the .appinstaller file is not valid: Line 14, Column 11, Reason: '>' expected. (0xc00cee23)"


Everything works fine when the version is 9 or less. I just created a 3.10.X.X release for my WPF application & that's when I found the bug. For the time being I just kept my Minor version 9 in the package, & increased the Build number. Not sure what's going to happen when build number reaches 10.


When I test the installer on my local network using a UNC path, everything works fine. It's only when I changed to my HTTPS URL that I receive this error.


There were similar mentions of the error in the comments for this topic.

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@bvenhaus I have the same problem here !

Thanks for reporting this @bvenhaus. We're looking into the issue and working to get it resolved.




Same issue here too.


@bvenhaus @Tanaka_Jimha we have the same issue. It's really sad that no response within half of a year.

Same issue is with build number, went from 0.1.9 to 0.1.10 and received the same error.
Any news. It's July 2021! we have the same problem.

I just encountered the same problem and the only reasonable solution was padding version numbers, e.g. first version 1.1.1000.0, second version 1.1.1001.0. I haven't test it deeply but it worked with a few examples. It would probably be a good idea versioning as 1000.1000.1000.0 and always keep the same version-string size to avoid the catching issue.

@plex4j Same issue.
I actually wanted to revise my version numbering system prior to launch.
Sadly not to be? Cant set a version number to year.

Would be nice to get a resolution?

Just experienced this bug also. Microsoft asleep at the wheel.