Deploying MSIX Package wihtout Internet


In a sideloading scenario, installing a signed MSIX package can be a bad UX experience when internet is not available..


Even though the certificate is trusted, what I see happen in the install, manually initiated by double-clicking on the package file, pause at about the 10% mark in the process dialog.  It then takes about 30 seconds and finally produces a dialog complaining that it can't verify via SmartScreen.  This dialog can then be manually dismissed, but still...


We ran into this in testing during a training class where internet was not available from the VMs, but I would imagine many customer production scenarios where internet access is blocked from the workstations.


What can be done about this?

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@TIMOTHY MANGAN Thanks for pointing this out. Can you please send us feedback on this? We want to check if this is also happening with other installers (i.e MSI).