Capture of package with multiple shortcuts to the same exe with different arguments


The packaging tool fails in the example of the subject.


I am aware that AppX shortcuts don't have arguments, but there are many MSI apps that use them and we need support for them in MSIX.


It appears that the manifest schema for the Application element does not have an arguments parameter, and that when creating the package, the tool finds the first shortcut and creates the Application element, and then for subsequent shortcuts skips them because the element is already present.


Either the schema needs extensions, or the tool should automatically detect the presence of arguments and remediate (possibly using launcher programs, but I hope not).


This issue is related to the previously reported issue

regarding lack of command line arguments, but reported separately because additional work will be needed on the tool once the first issue is solved.

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We have the work to enable shortcuts with parameterization support in our backlog. You can address this issue today with Package Support Framework.