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Portal to check available MSIX applications from software vendors

Portal to check available MSIX applications from software vendors



 Feb 17 2021
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Not at this time.

It would be really great if there were a portal within Microsoft to check for applications from known software vendors that are already available in MSIX format.

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Do you mean apps that are available for sideloading and not present in the store?

What is the end purpose of the portal? If you want to see if the vendor of apps (I assume) you want to deploy in the enterprise has an MSIX available, can't you check that directly?


Do you want to see how many of the apps from your enterprise are are already packaged as MSIX or....?


Yeah I meant for sideloading. Apps which are not present in the store but there are available in MSIX format from the ISVs. The end goal is to know whether an application source media is already available in MSIX (from Store or directly as an independent MSIX download from the ISV). Before going ahead and trying to repackage existing software into MSIX, this would be a handy option.

Status changed to: Not at this time.