Ability to add Icon into Package Editor for MSIX Applications

Ability to add Icon into Package Editor for MSIX Applications



 Apr 29 2020
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MSIX has the ability to add a description via MSIX Packaging Tool and when you create the MSIX App in MEMCM, that information is added to the field automatically.

Would like to request to provide the ability to attach an ICON during package creation to inject into MEMCM for the Software Center ICON for the MSIX Application.   Outside of this INCON, the rest is distribute content and deploy the application unless you have supercendence.



I think there is a couple asks here and want to make sure they are clear.


1) add a specific icon to the app as part of repackaging. Is the expectation this icon is used for Software Center and a different one?


2) Outside of the icon part, can you be more specific of the scenario?

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Sorry.. For #1. It is the abilty to add a JPG for ICON to include into MEMCM for the Application Catalog portion and that is all.  Today MSIX creates the MSIX bundle and then I have to create the application and then add the logo\picture\icon for application catalog.  If that was infused into the creation of the MSIX, then MEMCM would have 1 step versus 2.


#2.. Is there a way to create the MSIX with Powershell and have it then distribute content to DPs and Create a Deployment?


@John Vintzel 




For #1 its a great ask for the MEMCM Team.  There could be a declared path that is read from the MSIX file.  Nothing technically needed to be added to MSIX.


For #2 you can use the command line to create an MSIX: Create a package using the command line interface - MSIX | Microsoft Docs


Configuration Manager has PowerShell interfaces to create an app and manage distribution points:  Configuration Manager PowerShell cmdlets - Configuration Manager | Microsoft Docs