Your most requested feature is here – list groups!
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Here at To-Do we like to think that you can have lists for everything: books you want to read, restaurants you want to check out, chores your kids need to do, and that big work project that you’ve been tackling each week. In fact, you can have a list for every aspect of your life. But once you start to add a lot of lists and your holiday packing plans mingle with your work tasks, it becomes easier to lose focusMeet list groups, one of your most requested features ever, now rolling out across all platforms (version 1.63). 

Create a list group to organize your listsCreate a list group to organize your lists

 Focus on what matters with list groups 

List groups are a simple way to organize your lists. Heading off on a holiday? Create a group by clicking or tapping on the icon next to New List, name your group, and you’re ready to go. You can drag your packing list, your summer books to read, the list of things you need to organize, and those restaurants you want to check out into your Vacation list groupNeed to concentrate on work and forget about the upcoming vacation? Close your Vacation group and open your work list group. Heading home for the evening? Open up that home list group to get your grocery, movies, or favorite recipes list. List groups will help you get even more stuff done by letting you focus only on those lists you need, when you need them.  

Create an archive list groupCreate an archive list group

Archive those lists you no longer need 

Don’t use a list anymore but not quite ready to delete it yet? Create an Archive group and drag all those lists into the group. Now you can hide them from view, but they’re still there when you need them. And if they’re work projects that you’ve finished, why not keep them in a list group so you can quickly access all your accomplishments when review time rolls around 

Create a template list group for lists you want to duplicateCreate a template list group for lists you want to duplicate

Templates for the lists you use time and time again 

We all have a packing list, right? But you might not take the same things for a weekend in New York versus a week holiday in the tropics. Create a list with all the basics – the chargers, the passport, and your essential clothes - and put it in your Templates list group. Once you’ve booked that plane ticket you can head to our web app or Windows app, right-click on your template packing list, and duplicate it. Then move it into that New York Vacation list group and get packing. 

Templates aren’t just for the holidays though. You can use them for workschool, or just about anything. The possibilities are endless 


Now that one of your most requested features has arrived, we want to hear from you. What do you think of the update? What groups will you be making? Tell us in the comments below, or over on Twitter or Facebook 

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