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Hei folks


We are primarily using Citrix XenApp here, and Teams is functioning poorly there - so I'm pondering making our users use Teams web until proper XenApp support is ready. So i would like an URL with direct ADFS log on to Teams web. 


Wondering of anyone has been able to produce a smart link for autologon to Teams web?


BR Arve

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Hi Arve,


Here you go, just add a federated domain as domain hint in the end.


Saving this for future reference @Deleted - Thanks! :D


@Deleted - If the client ID is the real ID from your tenant, I would suggest to remove it. 


@Christopher Hoard Make sure, you change the client ID to Teams Application ID in your tenant. 






It’s the Teams app client id, has nothing todo with my tenant and should not be changed if you want the link to work.


Does it have to include the Teams app client ID to access the Teams web UI? This has been working for us (just replace "" with either your vanity domain name or domain name):

This usually works for me but not today, this small change worked:

How might you combine this with the deeplink to bypass the 'prompt to download app'?

For example -


I need to be able to bypass the initial download-the-app page, but still also pass credentials?

@Daniel_B when you use a link like that, how does it pick up your credentials without you having to sign in again? I'd like to figure out how to pass credentials to the web version of Teams, so that my users aren't presented a second "sign in here" prompt.
I would also like to know this......

Sorry, just saw your question.  We're using SSO (single sign-on), so with WIA (Windows-Integrated Authentication) and the way that we have it set up, the browser session passes the Windows credentials through to O365 automatically.  No need for users to enter credentials (unless they are using a BYOD device or something like that).  It isn't a Teams thing, that's an O365 thing.  If you can do SSO with MS/O365 at all, then SSO should carry over and work with Teams as well.