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Is anynone using a Call Center third party application in a Teams Only environment? I know Landiscomputer but it seems quiet expensive and is not supported for Teams Only.


Or any ideas how to replace a conventional PBX regarding call history and "missed call templates" with Outlook integration?


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At present your only option is a sip based integration with 3rd party Contact Centre solutions.
There are some vendors that claim they can integrate using federation but since it's interop based federation you will find that the presence refresh is too slow and often out of sync.

MSFT is due to release addition APIs soon so we should see current SFB CC vendors realising native CC experience for Teams.

@Fabio_Kap The APIs really aren't far away now, so I would suggest speaking to companies who provide Skype contact center solutions to hear what their plans are. Here's the official list


Personally I've used Anywhere365, which is very flexible, and I would also highlight as a very capable company. I hear a lot about Enghouse, but haven't used it personally.

@Fabio_Kaphave a look, Luware is providing contact center solutions for Microsoft Teams

@Fabio_KapI just wanted to clarify that the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams is a native teams contact center built on the Microsoft Teams Meeting & Calling API's and works "Teams Only". (the product is in Preview now, awaiting Microsoft to release the Calling API features used in the product to GA)

Also, the pricing will be simple and competitive.

Hi @Fabio_Kap!


Tendfor is a contact center and attendant solution for pure Teams deployment. It uses the Microsoft Graph Cloud Communications API and is a cloud offering. The solution has been running in preview since the first of October 2019 and full production since the 18:th of December 2019 with live customers.




Hi Please look at we have a working solution offered as as service out of Azure. 

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Hi @Fabio_Kap ,

Geomant added Teams Contact Center support to their Buzzeasy Customer Experience Orchestration Platform so it is no longer for digital channels only (Chatbot, WhatsApp, Messenger, Social etc.), but supports voice using* Teams:

(* Note: also supports Avaya, but that may not be that important here :) )

It is available on Microsoft AppSource:

Check out for Customer Service solutions based on Microsoft Teams (Luware Stratus Switchboard, Stratus Team (Advanced Routing), Status Agent (Contact Center).

Competella have released their SaaS Contact Center (hosted in Azure) using the native Teams calling API, have a look at @Fabio_Kap 


Currently I am only aware of one 3rd party app that specifically bolt to Teams.

This is AnyWhere365 but the cost is high but all the Contact Stuff at the moment seems high.

Other are deveoping but they are way of Beta at the moment.

Landis has an early trial but I don't know how successful it has been.

The required APIs from Teams side are not there yet to provide native Call Center functionality on Teams.

The way the vendors are providing CC functionality is the - so called - "Connected Contact Center".  If you are interested to see how this look like in action, you can watch the replay of the webinar of our solution here.
BTW, here is a slide from the Microsoft Teams bootcamp defining the "Connected Contact Center":



Hi Peter, actually the native Graph Teams Calling is avilable and Competella have developed and released a Contact Center SaaS solution which was released in April this year  @Peter Hobor 

Hi Mark. We have released our native Teams Graph API SaaS Contact Center back in April. have a look at @Mark3367 


Hi Mark, please visit and ask for a demo for our CC4Teams solution. You will be surprised. And we can also make a very competitive offer. 


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Yes, there are some call related Graph functionalities available, but that is phase one (as MS calles it) still lot is missing for advanced CC functionalities.

Worth listening this session from the recent MS Bootcamp (the relevant section is from ~00:37):

There is a summary page of this on Docs:

Peter, you are right - it is a development journey for both Microsoft and CC Vendors. However the Competella CCAAS using the Graph API has been released since April 15th 2020. The solution did from the beginning include following advanced features:
- Advanced Routing
- Analytics and Statistics
- Customer journey
- Call-flow editor
- etc.

During July 2020 Competella will release both a high-end SaaS Contact Center and an Attendant Console (receptionist tool) with a lot more features, still using the Graph API.

@Fabio_Kap and for anyone still seeking answers to this question, Enghouse Interactive is a long-time MSFT gold partner that has integrated with OCS, Lync, SfB and now Teams. We already have native Teams Presence integration for  Contact Center and Operator Console and also support recording and call billing with Teams. See

@Fabio_Kap and anyone searching for a fully native Teams Contact Centre.


There are three models that provide contact centre capabilities and interconnect with teams in different ways. These are 'Connect', 'Extend' and 'Power'.

'Connect' provides connection via SBCs and is equivalent to a a stand alone contact centre that can send and receive calls to teams via SIP Trunks.

'Extend' is using APIs and Microsoft Graph to gain data from Teams to provide an integrated contact centre experience.

The last is the 'Power' model. This is the Native Teams contact centre option. This requires the contact centre provider to be hosted in Azure and this allows calls and media to stay within Azure with all the interactions within the contact centre and Teams platforms remain in Azure with the highest level of connectivity. This provides the simplest architecture with the least points of failure. The true Native contact centre experience is the solution that utilise the 'Power' model.

If you are interested in a Teams Native (Power model) Contact Centre for Teams Direct Routing, please contact me at Paxitel and we can assist.