What's new in Microsoft Teams - June Roundup
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A full walk-through of Microsoft Teams and updates for the Skype for Business to Teams Roadmap


In the latest Mechanics video, watch Anne Michels and Jeremy Chapman show you Team's evolution from a persistent chat-based workspace, to an integrated hub for teamwork with complete meeting and calling capabilities built in. See the new ways to bring your favorite apps into Teams and their updated user experiences. Check out the video below to learn more.



Communicate more effectively with new chat and voice functionality


Direct Routing now in Public Preview

Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing is in public preview. Back in December of last year, we began offering calling in Teams by turning on Microsoft Calling Plans. This enabled customers to begin exploring voice in Teams in 9 different countries. Direct Routing takes the next big step by allowing customers to connect voice trunks to Microsoft Teams in many more countries around the world. If your country is supported by Teams and Phone System you can now start a self-managed preview of Direct Routing. Read the full announcement here.


Greater access to SharePoint document library files inside of Teams

Work together on files with previews, pinned items, metadata, Flows and more – powerful, consistent capabilities no matter where you work with your files. This new experience with files will accrue to your Outlook Online experience, too! Read the full blog post here.


Set a delegate for calls within Teams

Set up your delegate settings in Teams to assign people to make and receive calls on your behalf.


Manage delegates and change how you make and receive calls.Manage delegates and change how you make and receive calls.

Collaborate more effectively


Microsoft Remote Assist — Collaborate in mixed reality to solve problems faster

Teams now supports Remote Assist and you can now call someone on Hololens using this new feature.

Read the full post here.


Create a team using a previous one as a template

When creating a new team, you can take an existing team and easily duplicate the settings. Choose what you’d like to copy from the original team (channels, tabs, team settings and/or members).


Team template.gif


Customize & extend with 3rd party apps and processes

At the BUILD Conference, we announced new capabilities for app developers including apps in chat, tailored teams via APIs in Microsoft Graph and app sharing through Teams enterprise catalog.


Apps in Chat

Coming soon to developer Preview, you can now update your app so that it can be used in private 1:1 and group chats. Your users can add a tab or chat with a bot in their private chats to light up new collaboration and sharing scenarios.


Tailored Teams created through the New Teams APIs in Microsoft Graph


With the help of the enhanced Microsoft Graph APIs, you will be able to programmatically manage Teams resources and content including teams, channels, and conversations.  We will be releasing the following APIs from preview to General Availability this summer: creating and deleting teams and channels; adding and remove team members and owners; and updating team and channel properties.


Microsoft Graph APIs will allow you to programmatically manage Teams resources and content including teams, channels, and conversations.Microsoft Graph APIs will allow you to programmatically manage Teams resources and content including teams, channels, and conversations.


Enterprise app sharing through Teams enterprise catalog for apps

You can control access to custom Teams apps and distribute apps to users within the organizations by publishing to your company’s catalog in the Teams app store. Manage the catalog via PowerShell cmdlets, Graph APIs, and even through the Teams client itself.


Control who has access to custom Teams apps and choose to publish in your company’s catalog within the Teams app store.Control who has access to custom Teams apps and choose to publish in your company’s catalog within the Teams app store.

Read the full blog post here.


New Apps in Teams

Now you can search a list of apps available for Microsoft Teams in AppSource. Check out several new integrations including Soapbox, Jell, Mural, Kronos, Workboard and RememberThis. Read the full blog post here.


New features available on Teams iOS & Android apps


New Meetings capabilities on mobile

Our meetings experience on mobile just got even better. There are a handful of recent updates for our meetings experience on mobile including joining a call or meeting with Teams, to new mobile meeting functionality which allows you to have a meeting call you back on your mobile phone. Read the full announcement here to learn more.


Join calls and meetings

You can initiate, receive, or join 1:1 calls and scheduled meetings via audio (VoIP), video or phone (requires Phone System and/or Audio Conferencing) with team members or others outside your organization.


Share content & control presentations

Now, with the ability to share your iPhone or iPad screen, images, or live video stream with others meeting attendees, you will be able to engage more deeply from your mobile device.


Take a course to learn how to enable Teams

Enroll in the “Enabling Teamwork with Microsoft Teams” edX course and learn tips and tricks for getting the most of out of Teams including: enabling users, configuring Teams settings, planning for network usage and configuring voice functionality, compliance and calling features. Visit this site to enroll.


HWA Desktop App is in Public Preview

Check out Teams for Windows 10 S (Preview) here.


Learn how customers are using Teams


IT Perspective – How Cerner employees adopted Teams virally

Cerner, a healthcare technology provider, connects people, information, and data systems around the world. Communication and content creation have historically happened through disparate tools, making it difficult for employees to work together effectively. To improve collaboration, the Cerner IT department rolled out Teams. Check out this video to learn more.


Microsoft Teams – The future of collaboration at General Electric

With 300,000 employees worldwide, General Electric has been leveraging Skype for Business Online and is excited that its capabilities are being built into Teams. Check out this video to learn how GE is using Teams to break down workplace barriers and enabling high velocity collaboration to deliver value to their customers.


Microsoft Teams for Education turns 1!

Yesterday, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of Microsoft Teams for Education and we are delighted to showcase its new features. Find the full blog here to learn about the latest updates for Teams EDU.


Introducing rubric grading in Teams

You can now create, store, and apply rubrics to assignments to make it easier for students to get feedback. These feedback mechanisms not only help students learn and improve their work, but they’re also a consistent and transparent way for teachers to grade.


  • Students will also be able to see how they’ll be assessed upfront, before they start working on the assignment.
  • Teachers can save a lot of time with a grading tool that’s easily applied to multiple assignments at once.

Using Rubrics


Additionally, there are several new assignments features that are enhancing the assignments and grading experience. Real the full blog post here.


Provide continuous and personalized feedback: Teachers can now provide iterative, personalized, and actionable feedback while students are working on their assignments. Assignment submission can now be resubmitted and continuously improved – even after the teacher leaves feedback.


A student can resubmit an assignment even after the teacher leaves feedbackA student can resubmit an assignment even after the teacher leaves feedback

Share assignments to individual students: Now teachers can post assignments to individuals, small groups, or the full class. Tailor assignments to everyone in your diverse classroom of learning styles and academic abilities. 


Schedule to post: Share learning activities with students at the exact time they need it. Now you can schedule to post your assignment in advance.   


Rich text editing for assignment instructions: We think teachers will love this one. Now you can bold, italicize, highlight, and make bulleted or numbered lists in your assignment instructions. This allows you to create even richer learning activities.


Let us know what you think!

Try the new features and provide feedback using the feedback link in the lower left corner of Microsoft Teams. If you have suggestions on how to make Teams better, please submit your idea via User Voice or vote for existing ideas to help us prioritize the requests. We read every piece of feedback that we receive to make sure that Microsoft Teams meets your needs.


—Keara James, product marketing manager Microsoft Teams

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