The Bandwidth Calculator for IT Departments Planning Teams Deployments
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Networking is a critical part of any real-time technology, such as video conferencing and desktop sharing. We offer these features in Teams and we want to help you experience it in the most optimal speeds and quality. Most of all, we want you to be successful in your company-wide deployment of Teams.


That’s why today we’re introducing the Bandwidth Calculator for Microsoft Teams. The calculator will help you solve the first piece of the deployment puzzle: figuring out how much bandwidth you need.


By inputting your user count and expected user behavior, the resulting calculation will better prepare you to successfully deploy Microsoft Teams in your environment. You can do bandwidth calculations based on maximum or average bandwidth numbers; the calculator leverages average values to do the calculations. You can calculate bandwidth for both private one-on-one calls as well as group calls. The resulting number reflects a distribution across your WAN impact (your MPLS cloud), and the connection into Office 365 (your internet connection).


Since bandwidth planning is always based on an assumption, the results only serve as a starting point for planning.  We recommend that after you’ve done your initial planning, please continue to monitor your environment to verify and adjust allocated bandwidth based on the real needs.


To start using the Bandwidth Calculator, visit We hope this tool aids your success in your Microsoft Teams deployment!


Why use a book when you can use a calculator?Why use a book when you can use a calculator?

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