New Education Apps Coming to Microsoft Teams
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As we kick off the Bett UK education conference, we are excited to build off of recent product announcements and are pleased to announce new education partner apps to Microsoft Teams. Because of the diversity of needs from educators, school leaders, and students today, Teams is both customizable and extensible, providing a tailored collaboration experience for education customers.

Whether if it’s checking attendance, visualizing student outcome data, or constructing digital flashcards, these bots, connectors, and tabs light up the learning experience making Teams the hub for teamwork and collaboration in Office 365 Education.


Here are the education apps that are hitting the app gallery today and coming soon to Teams: 


The Quizlet integration brings one of the most loved classroom and self-study apps to the Microsoft Office Suite. Now teachers can embed Quizlet sets and learning games directly into their Teams communications and workflow, for easy sharing and seamless studying.



Users can add Pickit to their channel in Microsoft Teams for free access to legally cleared images, icons, and illustrations when they compose messages. Pickit Pro users can share their collections with other users and Pickit Bot also works inside flows using bot commands to browse for images.



Skooler’s integration ensures schools can augment the collaborative environment Teams provides with the powerful capabilities of Skooler’s Learning Management System. Skooler assignments, attendance, etc. are cleanly integrated into Teams tabs and the innovative Skooler bot services available in Teams Chat enabling innovative new ways for teachers and students to communicate.



Nearpod lets teachers present interactive lessons to their students. With the Nearpod app, teachers can access their library of Nearpod lessons and assign a student-paced session without leaving Microsoft Teams. Students can join and experience these lessons from within Microsoft teams.



The BrightBytes integration makes real-time data available to teachers and administrators and provides actionable insights that help improve student outcomes; the system comes with a customizable and comprehensive intervention management system to ensure students stay on track for success.

The BrightBytes Clarity platform utilizes cutting edge machine learning and AI techniques to predict, with up to 97% accuracy, outcomes such as high school graduation and readiness for college, career, and life. 



Literatu is the K-12 formative assessment platform that transforms learning data, collected every day, into visible teaching insights. The Literatu Scribo app integrates into the Teams environment through via tab and inquiry bot. Teachers enjoy quick access to Scribo and our friendly 'JackBot', able to quickly answer questions about student achievement and progress directly from the data Scribo captures.



The Zokrates app will give teachers the opportunity to add functionality from Zokrates as tabs in their Team. In the Personal scope the Teams app have tabs for Tasks, class-schedules, and weekly planner. In the Team scoped tabs, users can add tabs showing tasks for the relevant course, or schedule for the class associated with the team.



The LMS365 app integration, by ELEARNINGFORCE, enables teachers to surface LMS Content within Teams by selecting the courses through composed extensions. 



Flipgrid powers social learning within your Microsoft Teams community through short, fun, and simple video discussions. Used by tens of millions of PreK to PhD educators, students, families, and organizations, Flipgrid is the leading asynchronous video discussion platform in more than 150 countries. 



Kano is a creative computing system, enabling anyone to build their own devices and make art, games, music and more with code. The Kano integration enables makers to share and collaborate on their creative coding projects. Students can post apps, art, and games they’ve coded, work together to build new projects, and remix creations others have shared. Teachers can easily review the feed of student coding projects.



The WriteLab integration allows immediate feedback on school or work-related projects—helping them craft clear and compelling prose. This AI feedback will go a long way in helping users communicate, collaborate, and create effective content.


The busuu chat-bot teaches you 3 different languages (Spanish, French and German) within a fun and interactive quiz. Users can select their difficulty level (beginner to advanced) and they will be asked various questions to test their understanding of vocabulary in those languages.



Haldor LMS is a pedagogical learning management platform in Office 365 and Teams for Education which allows teachers, students and parents to access courses, plans, assignments and assessments at any time. Haldor Plagiarism Check allows for easy plagiarism checking inside Teams.



The SurveyMonkey app makes it easier than ever for educators to collaborate on online quizzes or research surveys, share insights, and take an instant poll (or pop quiz)—right in Teams.


Coming Soon


Lifeliqe is a publishing platform that's presenting the world's first science curricula enhanced with interactive 3D models, which are also available in virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

The Lifeliqe integration will allow students and teachers to share Lifeliqe's interactive 3D content to Teams group chats, providing them with the best experience from both apps at once and making learning science even more effective and fun.


SAFARI MontageSAFARI Montage

SAFARI Montage, the leading Learning Object Repository for K-12 school districts in the U.S., is working on a new Microsoft Teams tab which enables teachers to easily search, select and share SAFARI Montage standards-aligned learning objects, video segments, or playlists directly with students. Selected SAFARI Montage video resources will appear in Teams conversations as a card offering a thumbnail, title and deep link to launch playback in SAFARI Montage with seamless SSO.




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