MyAdvisor moves off Microsoft Account (MSA) Authorization to provide you with a better experience!
Published May 08 2018 06:33 PM 3,496 Views

MyAdvisor offers practical guidance tailored to your Cloud Voice deployment needs, including recommended resources and network planning. MyAdvisor is your Cloud Voice champion, guiding you towards long term operational success for Cloud Voice and Meetings. As part of our efforts in improving your experience with MyAdvisor, we have decided to deprecate our support for Microsoft Account authentication and encourage users to re-register with their O365 accounts.


If you are unsure as to whether you have an MSA or O365 account, please see here.

If you are currently a user with an MSA account in MyAdvisor, the following data may be affected:


  • Network Planner sites and calculations
  • Academy plans
  • SOF Assessment results (for SOF Assessments taken directly on this site)


To ensure you retain your information, we encourage you to take note of your Academy progress, export your data (if necessary) and re-register in MyAdvisor with your O365 account. For details on how to export your Academy or Network Planner data and re-import using your O365 account, please see here.


For any questions, we encourage you to contact us at

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