Just in: Become a paperwork pro with the new SignEasy app for Microsoft Teams!
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Business professionals across industries, company size and domain expertise deal with paperwork - be them purchase orders, service agreements, invoices (and just about anything else) - most often demanding an immediate “print-email/fax-sign-scan-and-send” workflow. With the new SignEasy app built for Microsoft Teams, you can now quickly and easily sign documents, as well as send them out for signature, right from within the comfort of your familiar everyday workspace!


Once installed, your brand-new, one-stop paperwork hub appears in your workspace with 2 capabilities – a personal tab and an accompanying integrated chat bot. You can get started with SignEasy either by signing in or creating a new trial account with the service.




SignEasy’s personal tab is a full suite of business features packed neatly into one surface. Access the template library or import a new document by simply dragging and dropping it into the SignEasy tab. Whether for self-signing or for requesting signature from others, the tab supports all popular document formats and allows adding custom fields in the document to be populated alongside the signing experience.



While requesting signatures from others by specifying names and email addresses of the recipient(s), you can specify the order of signing and add a custom message.




SignEasy’s new – and super friendly – chatbot acts as your digital assistant as you send documents, find documents pending for your signatures, track document progress through notifications and manage your paperwork.




Excited? Refer to this detailed How-to guide for using SignEasy for Teams app. Or check out this cool video showcasing screens from the app.


Enterprise, startups, small businesses, and mid- to large-sized enterprises can now say goodbye to paper jams, crooked scans, faxes disappearing into the void, wondering who's yet to sign a multi-party document and more such worries! Simply grab the SignEasy app in Microsoft Teams and reduce business turnaround times, close deals faster, cut costs or just delight your customers!



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