SharePoint Syntex Updates - April 2021
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SharePoint Syntex brings advanced AI-powered content management to Microsoft 365. During Microsoft Ignite last month, we highlighted new capabilities in Syntex that can help you scale your expertise and turn content into knowledge.. And now, we have even more new capabilities to share, which we’ve outlined below.


Developer Support

Patterns and Practices Core SDK Syntex API support​

Developer support has been one of our most frequently sought-after features, and we’re happy to share the next wave of updates for developers. In addition to our taxonomy APIs (released to the Graph last year), we are adding new tools to integrate our AI models to custom solutions.

PnP Core SDK is our new modern .NET library – and it now includes SharePoint Syntex support.

The documentation provides a good overview of the supported capabilities: Working with SharePoint Syntex | PnP Core SDK.



A summary of what’s included/supported:

  • Checking whether a site is a Syntex Content Center site​
  • Listing the content understanding models in a Syntex Content Center site​
  • Publishing or unpublishing a content understanding model from a library (supports batching)​
  • For a given model list the libraries to which the model was published​
  • Classify and extract existing content:​
    • A single file can be classified & extracted​.
    • A library can be classified and extracted - by default previously classified and extracted files are skipped, but there’s an option to re-process all the files in a library.

Patterns and Practices PowerShell Syntex Support​

Administrators and developers can now mange, export and import custom models using PowerShell cmdlets and scripts. These enhancements will help you manage releases across development/test/production systems, or for packaging and reusing models across multiple customer environments, especially for our CSPP (Content Services Partner Program) partners.


You can find SharePoint Syntex support in PnP PowerShell (which uses the implementation):​


NOTE: the above five cmdlets are specific to SharePoint Syntex, but there are also changes done to other cmdlets to enable Syntex content understanding model export and import:​

  • Get-PnPSiteTemplate: updated to handle content understanding model export. Using Get-PnPSiteTemplate -Out MyModels.pnp -Handlers SyntexModels all models of a Content Center site are exported​.
  • Invoke-PnPSiteTemplate: updated to handle content understanding model import. Using Invoke-PnPSiteTemplate -Path .\MyModels.pnp the exported models are imported again​.


Document understanding model management.

Models need to grow and change over time, so we’ve also added new features to manage document understanding models:

  • Extractor rename: You can rename entity extractors, mapping them to new or existing columns.
  • Model rename: You can rename a published model, mapping them to new or existing content types.
  • Model copy: You can duplicate a model and its training fields. Also, you can add the copy to a new library, or use the copy as the basis or template for a new model.

Custom environment support for form processing models

Previously, we only supported training and hosting Syntex form processing models built in AI Builder in the default Power Platform environment. If you have created additional environments, you can now provision those with the Syntex app and select that environment in the Admin Center set-up.


License enforcement

We know license enforcement is crucial to help IT staff align usage to entitlements. If you’re not licensed, or your Syntex licensing (including trials) expires or is canceled:

  • You won’t see the content center template when creating new sites in the Microsoft 365 admin center.
  • In the Content Center, you’ll no longer see options for model creation or editing. In libraries with published models, you’ll no longer have access to the model details panel, the classify and extract ribbon, and the AI Builder link for form processing; you won’t be able to process files on upload.
  • You’ll also receive notifications regarding your license in the notification banner and as an exception message during form processing.

Also, if you reactivate your license, you’ll be able to resume working with your models and content centers as before. 


While we’re excited to share these product updates, there are many more to come as we continue to gather and act on feedback from our customers, partners, and internal team members.


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