VTT Cleaner website missing

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I googled and found this post in the wrong forum:

The website is down.  Was it removed?


MichelleL-2384 asked · 15 hours ago

Hello, Can you please tell me why the web address has been removed? This VTT cleaner was extremely helpful.



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@drusome  It is a tool from @Marc Mroz. Marc, can you say something to this?

I also just noticed the VTT cleaner missing. This app was indispensable for making sense of Stream transcripts! Not sure what else to use... @drusome 

Hi @naomiii ,


I did a google search for VTTcleaner, and then clicked on the google cache version.  It works for now, but I'm worried that it will go away too..





Thanks so much for the suggestion, @drusome , that worked for me. I hope it continues to work until we get some answers.

Hi @drusome the VVT cleaner with link to Microsoft docs doesn't even come up in my searches now. I guess there's no way I can find the cached version now, can you comment?

I found a cached version in Explorer (I usually use Chrome) but alas it didn't work. I could upload a VVT file but nothing happened. Gee I hope they sort it out quickly.

Hi @drusome and everyone, I did some searching (I couldn't use the cached file that one of the responders mentioned). So I did some searching and found these instructions. They clean the VVT file just like the microsoft docs link did. There's a few steps but super easy, takes a few minutes. Hope this helps.


- Copy and paste all text from the VVT file into Excel. Select all.

- Do a find and replace on NOTE* and replace with a blank

- Do a find and replace on *-* and replace with a blank

- Then to get rid of the blank rows, do ctrl G to open the "Go to" popup. Click "Special". Select "Blanks".

- In the Home menu of Excel, go to the "Cells" section. Click the "Delete" drop down and select "delete sheet rows".

- Copy the text to Word, use the paste special function to copy just the text so as not to copy the text in the rows.

- In Word: do CTRL A to select all, CTRL H to find and replace, click MORE, then under special, choose paragraph mark, then replace all.

- Your data is now ready for editing. :stareyes:

Hi @KWildman and all,


Found this on anther thread dealing with this and wanted to pass on here. Makes pretty quick work of it. 





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@drusome @naomiii  @ericlott @KWildman Thx to everyone in this thread for participating till now!
I could access the cached version of the VTTCleaner and view the html source. I extracted the code and I have written a PowerShell script to clean a VTT file. It is in my GitHub repo now. See:
.\Clean-MicrosoftStreamVttFile.ps1 -File MicrosoftStreamVideoTranscriptDemo.vtt
Result is a clean text output in file MicrosoftStreamVideoTranscriptDemo.vttcleaned.
I hope this can help someone!

Awesome thanks for sharing!!
Fab, thanks a lot, I'll check it out!

Hi @Tomislav Karafilov. Just wanted to say a BIG high 5 for your share of the VTTCleaner code  (and an equally big thanks to @Marc Mroz. for the original).  This has saved HOURS of work. I'm a happy person this evening :)


This works if you set output as plain text:


@drusome I've been cleaning my VTTs via Excel. I documented how to do that in a video here;