Videos not displaying in Streams

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Hi there,


I've recorded 3 client call videos with Microsoft Teams. When I view my videos I can see the videos have been recorded and appear in my Streams video library but they have no visual or audio (see attached image). Can anyone explain why?


All our internal videos have recorded fine. I did see an article online which stated "Both the meeting organizer and the recorder must have Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, or E5 licenses" which might explain the issue but if this is the case, why was there not a warning before I started recording the video?


Feeling very frustrated :(





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@blabberboyHad a similar issue yesterday morning. In the evening everything was fine. There was an update in Stream.


You can check if the video is OK by downloading it and view the downloaded file. If this is good, wait while Stream has finished processing the videos.


(License must be OK otherwise you would not see the Teams recording in Stream)

@Tomislav Karafilov Thanks but these videos were recorded over a week ago so any update by Stream should have fixed it by now.


I'm also able to download the videos ok but they have no visual or audio. I assume I've lost these video recordings now.


Maybe a bug?

@blabberboy  When the downloaded videos are also "empty", it really sound like a bug somewhere. Maybe you should report a bug and open a ticket.