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I have uploaded a video and have disabled the 'Allow everyone in your company to view this video' option.

Besides myself being the owner of the video, I have added 1 group consisting of 9 people to the list of viewers and have checked the 'Display' box.


Now it turns out that the video is still available for everyone rather than just me and that group of 9 people.

What am I doing wrong?

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Hello and thank you for your question @pbazuin . Are you still running into this issue? One item that may help is to remove all permissions except yourself and save these settings. Confirm that other users can no longer access the video. Then later on add back who is needed to view. It also may be that the settings did not take effect immediately, hence my question on if this is still an issue for you. Thank you!

@NealMHi Neal, thanks for your reply.


Unfortunately this did not help.


After clearing the permissions list, nobody is able to see the video but me; as expected.

As soon as I add a group to the permissions list (which has 9 members), somebody from outside of that group can also view the videos. I just found one more thing to check, otherwise I will have to look for a different solution unfortunately.

Hi there @pbazuin do you happen to have other videos uploaded to Stream? Does this issue affect those other videos? I'd be interested to know if this happens for you for all videos or there's something with this specific one, in which case I'd delete and re-upload to see if that resolves.

@NealMUnfortunately this issue can be seen for every video I upload. When I only add one person to the list, nobody else can see it but myself and that one person. As soon as a group of 9 members is added, everybody can see it.


Right now I am asking our sysadmin's help to look into the group I add, perhaps there's a group within the group (not as far as I can see but who knows).

Adding people individually for now, will have our Microsoft admins look into this.

So it turns out that the group I added was a 'public' group. The group permissions system here is a bit weird. I fully expected that adding a public group to the permission list would allow the members of the group to view the video, but because the group is public everybody is part of that group..


This is very weird logic, but alas I got it working.