Students unable to download my videos from Microsoft Stream

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I've loaded a number of videos, but my students are able to view but not download them.  Is it a setting I need to enable on my side?

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@Duwayne  From : "You can download the originally uploaded video if you uploaded the video file or you are an owner of the video."

@Tomislav Karafilov , thanks for your response.


The challenge I'm having is that my students would like to download the videos directly from stream.  I know that I am able to download these, however does it mean that I need to download it and then load it on another platform for them like youtube or something....  are they not able to download it directly?

@Duwayne  If the students are not owners of the videos, they could not download it. You can put your students in a Stream group and give the group the owner rights for each video. And does "download" mean download the file on disk or only view the video?


Let me ask an other question: Why should the students download the videos? Why don't they watch it in Stream? With the mobile app they can download the video and view it offline.


(When the students are owner, they can delete or change the video, so caution!)

@Tomislav Karafilov thank you for your response,


To answer your question, for some of them, they do not have continuous internet access.  That means that if they are able to download it once, they can view it numerous times without having to log online again.  It's to accommodate for even those students.


By referring to downloading, I mean downloading the video recording file, to a disk to view offline. I wouldn't want to make them an owner on the video for that very reason.  I think the steaming app will probably be the best way to approach it.  Perhaps I can give them a link to download the app and then they can access the videos and view them offline.


I have 1 more question...  There was an online class and then also recorded the class...  I used a presentation as I did with all my other videos, but for some reason, this particular presentation seems to still be loading, which makes no sense to me.


Looking forward to your feedback.

@Tomislav KarafilovI have to use the vpn proxy to access the ms stream video, the video has no response via direct connection. If I want to watch some important lectures back and forth, I will cost some extra money on proxy data to the proxy provider. There is actually a small project on github for the downloading, but the danger of password leakage exists.

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this doesn't make sense. If I am the owner, I don't need to download. I need to download when we have meetings and an external organization records the video and shares with me. So, I should be able to download the meeting as it has an expiry date, and be able to save in my system