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Hello community!
Just have a question regarding video/audio sync issues.
We are doing a production out of vMIx, We had a few people tell us that there were Audio/Video Sync issues. When we did testing it was fine, but that was obviously with only 1 people watching.
Does Microsoft Streams have a load issue? If 500-600 people are watching will there be issues?
I also had the vMix Project as 1080p25 but streams only does 720p. Would this have caused any issues?
There was a page that had a recommended settings for external software which I followed (
Any help would be great!
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Hi @jmckenzie 


We did an VMIX -> Teams -> Streams recording today, and we definately had sync issues in the recording. The Audio was 3 seconds before the Video in the Streams recording.


Setting was:

- A cook with laptop with earphones cooking (he could hear the questions, and answer in realtime)

- A video laptop mixing the 5 x PTZ NDI camera's

- A teams operator laptop, taking care of questions and muting/unmuting during cooking, etc.



We also have Teams NDI Broadcasting enabled in the organisation, but we ended up using an External

Output as confidence monitor, and share that confidence monitor as a presentation towards MS Teams.

This to overcome the problem that Streams is not working with Spotlight information, so your recording of spotlighted persons does not work.





  • If you record a meeting in which someone's video is spotlighted, the video won't be spotlighted in the recording. This is just a temporary limitation, though—stay tuned for updates



So our VMIX -> External -> Teams Presentation could have a little bit extra video delay in this configuration, but we did not expected that to be 3 seconds in the recording!


The Audio Teams laptop was in the same location as the 5 camera's and the VMIX Teams laptop.

The Streams recording was scheduled by a Teams operator on a different laptop.




So if you want Sync video/audio, maybe it is best to end up:

- Using NDI back towards Teams (audio+video)

- Or bringing the Audio of the cook directly to the Video Mixer/Teams laptop

- Or use local VMIX recorder functionality, instead of relying on Streams recording