Storage location of Microsoft Teams meeting during recording before transfered to Microsoft Stream


Where is the video data stored during a Microsoft Teams Meeting recording before it is stored in my Microsoft Stream?

When I start my recording of a Teams Meeting, Microsoft caches the recorded video bytes. I can not find any description, where? I a hidden Azure Blob Storage in my tenant or somewhere at Microsoft?

Does anyone have a reference that says how it works technically?

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Hi @Tomislav Karafilov 


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This is in Microsoft's presentations like the one's recently at Ignite. Stored in the Media Service on Azure before being encoded into Stream



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Hi @Christopher Hoard ! Thanx for your answer.


I read "Media services on Azure (using Blob Storage)" before encoded to Stream.


Is that Blob Storage located in my tenant (my companies Microsoft365 subscription?) or only in my region or eg. in North Amerika? I am concerned with GDPR and the traceability of where my data is located when.


The Azure Media Services are available in Europe and in Germany (

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See here

Microsoft Stream stores videos and metadata in its own service built on top of Azure. As such, it has its own storage quota for videos uploaded...If you use Microsoft Stream and your Office 365 tenant is in a region outside of regions where Stream is currently deployed to, your data will be stored in the nearest geographic region.

So I imagine yours is in the Netherlands with it being in Germany in the future but you can check - to find the region your tenant is in: In Stream, click ? in the upper right corner, Click About Microsoft Stream, Click Your data is stored in. In terms of the processing in Azure it is a little unclear whether it is in the tenant or region specific.

However, this video states that the processing is done in region. This is a great video on the architecture

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