Share documents outside the organisation?

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Is there a way to share content with people outside my organization?

Example : between 2 universities ?

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Not today but we are working on it.

I'm glad to hear that external sharing is in the development plans. Do you have a rough idea of how long until that might be available? 4 weeks? 4 months? 4 years?




We can't give you a solid promised timeline as we don't have developers actively working on it at this moment. But we hope to pick working on this project sooner rather than later. If I had a guess it would Q1/Q2 or so of 2018.

So, is there no way to share videos externally that are managed in Office 365 outside of putting them in SharePoint Online?  Not even to authenticated external users?


I have a client who may kill a project I am working on to manage sales and marketing collateral for the field in SharePoint Online, but the solution has to include the ability to share videos with customers and the streaming performance of videos from SharePoint Online itself is not acceptable.  What about Office 365 Videos?




We have it on our roadmap for external sharing of videos on Stream but we are just in planning phase now.


We did enable O365 Video to do named guest access at the Channel level though a series of steps and powershell commands. We aren't widely advertising it, as that method won't work once a customer does move from O365 Video to Stream, as when we build this in Stream will be a different mechanism. So if your client wants to use this external guest option on O365 Video channel until the point when they move to Stream that is an option. You can send me a private message and I'll give you the series of steps to enable it on a O365 Video channel.


SharePoint Online and/or ODB is your other option for external sharing of videos outside your organization today. 

Thanks, Marc!! I'll do that.


Hi Marc,


Any news on external sharing of Stream videos?  We have a few customers looking for this.





@Andrew Silcock wrote:

Hi Marc,


Any news on external sharing of Stream videos?  We have a few customers looking for this.





Yes, I second that. Any news? Thanks!

Public anonymous support for videos will be our first step around external videos in Stream. 


We've started designs and planning around this ability for a video in Stream to be made available to anyone in the world. We are hoping the development starts in the coming few months. 


Other forms of external sharing like Guest access or simple shared links are still on our list but are not actively being worked on at this point in time.



Is it possible just share stream channel with the people has been invited to a SharePoint site or group?

It would be useful to be able to share videos to guest members.  Will Stream support this some time in the future?  It supports Office 365 Groups, which in turn support guest members.  In the interim, if Video lets you do it, it would be useful to know how.

More than 12 months on from original question and it's still not available...

@Deleted @Vishal Sood any updates?

@Vishal Sood wrote:
Not today but we are working on it.

so what is the current progress of your working on sharing content outside organisation?

An update on this functionality would be nice.

@Office MicrosoftAny updates, were trying to share with users in England... @Technical Support

@Stéphane Quimpère 

Would love to know any update on plans to be able to share Stream videos that are in my Office 365 with External users