Quality Problems in Microsoft Stream

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When recording training videos, I try to optimize the readability by dropping my screen resolution to 1920x1080 - and then I use OBS to record the screen to an MP4. The video below is a 789kbps 60 frames per second video. When I play it back on my PC - it looks like the video on the right (cropped). When I upload to Microsoft Stream it looks blurred like the below left. 
I know the video takes some time to do a second render - but I've waited over 24 hours now - and also tried reuploading it, and it remains blurred. 
Does anyone have any clues, as its very frustrating. Other videos uploaded are sharp, and Im not sure what combination of stars align to cause this issue (is it my choice of resolution, my choice of OBS, my configuration of OBS, my use of MP4, although I have also tried MOV with the same results).

Any suggestions!

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@blods  Microsoft Stream uses "adaptive bitrate streaming", see here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/network-overview


Can you manually choose 1080p in the quality options of the player? What is the than the result?

@blods Interestingly this is now fixed. 
It was well over 24 hours before it rendered the video to a better quality. So that is good to know, but a bit frustrating when you have done a training video and want to push out out there and then.

Would be nice to know from Microsoft what the timings are on this.