Problems with Captions/Transcripts

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I find the transcript editing capabilities to be VERY unreliable.


Some background: unfortunately, my video editing platform doesn't allow me to generate a .VTT file. And, for security reasons, I am not in a place where I can freely convert my .SRT files to .VTT files online. So, I am at the mercy of Stream autogenerating a caption file.


I have repeatedly found the autogenerated transcript to be poorly formatted and the timing out of sync. In my efforts to edit the transcript, I have had occasions where I've gone through and edited the entire transcript only to click the checkmark and have the entire transcript revert back to the original - infuriating comes close. As a workaround, I attempted to download the caption file, and manually edit the text in Notepad. Unfortunately, Stream won't accept the files created by Notepad, so I cannot then upload the file I just downloaded and edited. I have not found a way to save the file as a .VTT file. Can someone advise on any of this?

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Hi @M1Storyteller


When you download the caption file in Stream, it should automatically make “Save as Type” to be vtt (see attached). If you don’t see that happen, then you want to force Notepad to save, say, "xyz.vtt" without a ".txt" extension, using save it as "xyz.vtt", including the quotation marks, in the Save As dialog box. When you include the quotes, Notepad will save the file with the xyz.vtt name, without adding any additional extensions. Please let us know if you have additional questions.



That worked! Thank you so much.