Option to view a recorded meeting in Stream isn't available in drop-down menu

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I have a channel in my Teams Meeting.

Within the channel, the group video call is recorded.
The purple thumbnail is visible and the 3 "more" dots have a drop-down.
The option to view in Streams or Sharepoint isn't there (but it is for other members of my organization)

Therefore, I cannot delete the meeting videos.

Who needs to change my settings and where?


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@cvoth2020 - From the screenshot it looks like your meeting recording didn't go to SharePoint or to Stream, thus you don't see any option other than to download it. I think that's what you are seeing.


This happens if

  1. There was some issue uploading to ODB/SPO/Stream
  2. Your user has an A1 license which is not allowed to upload meeting recordings to Stream anymore. This is a free license and we aren't allowing those licenses to upload meeting recordings to Stream anymore. 

If it's #2 you'd need your organization to opt you into saving meeting recordings to ODB/SPO which allows A1 users to record meetings and have them stored. https://aka.ms/tmrodsp