None of my videos are playable?


None of my videos are playable? Is there a delay on when processing is complete and when they will be playable? The files were MP4s. 

An example is attached

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There is a short delay between upload and when they are processed to be playable. The delay depends on how long the original video is. For a few minute video it should be a few minutes or in many cases much less before it's playable.


How long ago did you upload the videos?


I'm downloading your sample video now and will upload it to testing environments for Stream and see if I run into issues or not.

About twenty minutes ago. Attached are the email notifications.

I uploaded your sample video to an internal test environment for Stream and the video works and plays fine.


Can you provide more info on what you are seeing? Is there an error screen or something you are seeing in the UI that is saying it can't play the video?


Yeah. Still nothing on this one.

I'll need more info to investigate, I'll send you a message.

Hi Philip! Can you let us know what version of Edge you're using?