Microsoft Stream not publishing my recordings

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I have not had any of my recordings show up in my feed since 8/23.  Is there an issue?  I haven't received any emails either that the recordings have completed - although some are showing up in the Meeting Chat feed.  Is this where I should be going now?  Did something change?  Typically I need to edit the details of the meeting so I usually go straight to stream when I see the email that it's been published.  



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Hi, Stream isn't used anymore for Teams meeting recordings as the storage has moved to OneDrive/SharePoint. This has been communicated for a very long time and was mandatory for all users in August. So, you'll find the links to your recordings in the chat or channel conversation depending on personal meeting or channel meeting.
I was using streams all this week and last night the record option under create disappeared for myself and others in my organization. I can see and edit my previous streams however I am unable to see option to record net new. Do you have any details on this?
I am actually in Streams directly trying to record more training videos - I am not utilizing the Team Meeting recordings. While in Streams I am unable to find the record button anymore under create I only see Live Event Group Channel and below that used to be recording

@bryanoconnell I don't work with Stream but sounds like a permissions thing (I can see the option but am an admin).






Spot on that is what I was thinking - it mysteriously disappeared.. trying to locate a contact internally here or within MS to look into what was changed as everything is through a simple Active Directory group