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Hi Team,

Got MS Stream in my tenancy and I love it! Trying now to better understand from an Admin viewpoint but I have not clear the licensing schema.

In my O365 Admin Center I see now 10.000 available licenses of 'Microsoft Stream' while expanding users' 'Office 365 Enterprise E3' assigned product license I can see the item: "Microsoft Stream for O365 E3 SKU".

I was not able to find information about the difference between the two. Can you please help in clarify? Which is the one that adds storage? And which one I have to remove if II want block service to enduser? 



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Hi @Maurizio Vaglietti 

'Microsoft Stream' shows up in your tenant because someone from your organization must have signed up for the preview version prior to GA or signed-up for the trial after GA.


At GA, we essentially backfilled Office 365 Enterprise E3 with Stream E3 licenses and that's why you see 'Microsoft Stream for O365 E3 SKU'.  So now when you assign E3 license to a user, that user is automatically assigned a Stream license. 


Note: We will rename 'Microsoft Stream for O365 E3 SKU' to "Stream for O365" soon, but it should not impact anything.


You can safely remove 'Microsoft Stream' as that was the preview SKU but users will still have access to Stream by virtue of Stream being a part of Office E3. You can disable that as well if you want to completely block access for end user.


You can add additional storage in the Microsoft Stream for O365 E3 SKU, once we enable the add-on.


Let us know if you have more questions which we can help answer.


Hi Ashish, will the preview SKU be removed at some point to clean up things?

Thank you very much @Ashish Chawla. Appreciate your help!

Hi @Ashish Chawla

Is the Stream license is free with E3 Subscriptions? 






Yes, it's included with the E3 licence! 


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Licensing overview

Thank You.