How to organize videos after migration from O365 Video to Stream?

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our O365 Video migraiton to Stream recently completed. Now I'm seeing all migrated videos under Discover - Videos. However, it would only make sense if there're was a way to organize them in Channels. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to do so. Being in a channel, there're seems to be no way to add videos to it except to upload new ones. I hope Microsoft is not expecting us to download all migrated videos and upload them into their respective channels. Otherwise, what would be the point of the whole migration?


Any ideas?



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I've just noticed that when you click on a video in the videos list and go to the three dots you generally have the ability to put the video into a channel. However, I also noticed that none of our existing channels is found so I cannot assign the video to a channel. Then I thought that this might be because the migrated conent is still in "private" mode. Attempting to assign a video that was not migrated and has existed on Stream since its beginning works.


Therefore, my question is basically answered but further comments are welcome.

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@Deleted - Did you finalize the migration or are you still previewing it where the migrated content is hidden except for the admins and previewers? If you haven't gone live with the migration, then you can't change the videos around or edit anything on them in Stream (it's read only). This is because we are syncing over all your existing content and edits from O365 Video. 


After you golive on Stream for your migration then you can re-permission your migrated videos into new or different groups and channels.


In addition all the O365 Video channels got moved over to Stream as Groups. So you'd see your original O365 Video channels under the groups sections. (A group in Stream is closer to what a channel was in Stream. A channel in stream is just more like a folder/topic sub area).

@Marc Mroz, thanks for chiming in. It´s indeed the case that we´ve not gone live yet. It would be nice if the migrated content could be re-organized in this mode but we can work with it. We`ll make sure that the structure and content was migrated properly and will test embed links. After the go live we will re-organize as we see fit. I noticed the new Stream groups marked with the "Public" tag. I hope those are coming for us to create them ourselves without having to create full-fledged O365 groups soon.


@Marc Mroz

Following this because of a related issue. My tenant's go live date was in January 2020, but all channels migrated from the Video Hub to Stream (as new Groups) are stuck in a read-only state (see screenshot). Is this permanent? I'm not finding a way to finalize things so I can finally modify migrated Group details and add new videos. Thanks for any guidance.

@Marc Mroz I am glad to find this answer, but a bit disappointing that there is not way to edit these groups or videos in preview mode. If I understand your answer correctly, everything goes over as it was in Video Portal, with no opportunity to clean up or reorganise the group / channel set up?

That's my experience, which is really disappointing.