How do I duplicate videos so I can trim them (to make video clips)?

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We upload long hours of video footage to channels in Microsoft Stream. Sometimes people need specific portions (clips) of the video to view and share. 

We can do this by using the Video trimming feature to create those short Video clips. 

How do you do this without losing the original video? We want to keep the original long video on the channel, and we want to have the small video clips taken from that video on the same channel. 
So far the only method of doing this is to download the original, then re-upload it multiple times and trim those copies. This method takes very long and uses a lot of bandwidth. 

Is there a way to duplicate videos on a channel?
Or better yet, is there a way to make video clips from a larger video WITHOUT losing the original larger video? 

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In my knowledge I don't think there is a way. But you can still contact the support team for more information on this. They can surely help you with exact solution.



@Reylin4As I know this is not on the roadmap. There is a Stream idea with a similar suggestion: or you can add your idea there.

@Reylin4  - The others are correct we don't have a way to do this today and it's not on the planned roadmap. But you should add your ideas / votes / comments in our ideas forum:


Existing ideas to add to:

Copy video: (Thanks @Tomislav Karafilov )


End video at time code - ability to make short clips from longer video:

I'm not sure whether I have fully understood your needs, but isn't the video supposed to still be there after being edited or trimmed in your local storage? At least that is the case with the tool I'm using, which is joyoshare video clipper



You probably found a way,... but the easy, cheap, and available solution is:

> download the original video

> trim in Stream the original video

> Upload the copy but with slightly changed name 

= then you have trimmed version and original

Another option for editing is using the Video Editor that comes for free in Windows 10 (Start > Video Editor). You can download the video from Stream, edit and Save As multiple times, and then directly upload an edited version to Stream as a new video, or use the Replace Video function on Stream to replace the original video with the newly edited version while retaining the URL and information from the original video.


More info:

@Reylin4 I am also needing to create short clips of longer videos in Stream while keeping the original. The download/reupload would not be an option as I typically have 10+ short clips I would need to create from each longer video. Were you able to find a solution? 

@JenniferBBoyd With "The New Microsoft Stream" videos are stored in OneDrive or SharePoint! Spoken for SharePoint, you can sync a document library via OneDrive for Business to your harddrive and put your short clips out of your video editing software in this location. The sync would be done by OneDrive for Business back to SharePoint Online.


Microsoft has the Windows 10 Video Editor that can help you editing the videos and creating short video clips. Works well!


The technique I am using:

- Download file to my desktop download file

- Rename the file

- Upload that file

- Use the trim functions in Stream

- Rinse and repeat


I also saw that there is a "record your screen" function on the create screen so perhaps if you had the download video on one monitor and that open on another monitor that would work?