Faculty receive error and videos disappearing when uploading a Teams recording to Microsoft Stream

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Hello. We are using Office 365 for education with Teams and Microsoft Stream. Two of our faculty users are recording meetings in Teams and then trying to upload them into Microsoft Stream. Each of them have said they have different issues:


1. First faculty user trying to upload gets this message: video.mp4 failed to upload. Please delete and try again later. I have looked at the admin settings in Streams and Teams but I don't think that is the issue.


2. Second faculty user has scheduled recurring meetings in Teams. She reported the following:


When I started the video meeting on the second day (of our recurring daily meeting), the video from our first day automatically disappeared. After the second day, I started downloading our videos. I changed the name to the date and re-uploaded our video from day 2. As soon as I started the video on day 3, everything from previous days disappeared, including the video I renamed and uploaded. Is this happening because it is a recurring video meeting? This option is convenient because I can see who showed up from my invite list and helps take attendance quickly.


I am not sure if the 2 issues are related or not.


Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


Linsey Smeltzer


Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology


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También Paso en mi facultad, y con diversos docentes, al parecer se debe a la actualizacion de MS TEAMS y MS STREAM.