External Sharing access of Video recordings in a Microsoft Teams meeting


Hi!, I am doing some consulting for an external company, and we have had some meetings that have been recorded so that the external users can access the recording in the chat section of Microsoft Teams. But I have been notified that the external users (those that are not part of my company) can't access the Video Recording indicating that the "Video is not found" by Stream. 


Can someone help me figure out a way that I can grant access to those recordings for external users?, I'm really hoping that this feauture is available, but if it isn't yet, do you have any suggestions related to my case so that I can solve a way for that external users access the recordings? (Excluding the suggestions of post it on YouTube or doing a Live Event)


Thanks! :) 



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@Devryk  Guests and external users cann't see Microsoft Stream videos yet. You can download the video and share it over OneDrive or uploaded to a SharePoint document library.

@Tomislav Karafilov 

Is there any information when this feature will be available?


You can go to the Microsoft Stream Roadmap to see the next changes. "Microsoft Stream: Public anonymous external video sharing" with featured ID 27728 is announced for Q4 CY2020. For guest access I have no informations.

@Devryk  Check out this link.


Scroll down to the section titled Who can view a meeting recording?


You may be able to share it with them but you may be better off downloading the video and sharing it with some other app/service.



Thanks for sharing!, I guess it would be a process of having the guest user in the Azure AD to be able to give them permissions. What I have been doing so far is downloading the video, uploading it to SharePoint and then just given them the link.


Let's se if Microsoft do some announcements of this feauture in the following months ;)

Thanks for the feedback Devryk