Deleteing private group channel deletes O365 group...?


We had a user create a private group channel because they thought they would need to restrict their videos. After further discussion, they decided their videos would benefit people outside their team, so they created a public channel. The user went to delete the private group channel, and in doing so, it deleted their Office 365 group, meaning their collaboration site was also deleted. After some work, they were able to restore it.


Is this how it works? It seems like deleting the channel should not delete the group. I fear this could become a huge problem if people delete their channel thinking it will only delete their channel (as common sense would lead you to believe) but it instead deletes their group. Anyone have any insight? Thanks!

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Hi @Kate Bowling,

To confirm, deleting the group in Stream will delete the Office 365 group as confirmed in this article

See section ‘Office 365 Groups’. It is, unfortunately, intended behaviour.

Hope that answers your question.

Best, Chris
She said she deleted the channel, not the group. I’m going to request a test group to see for myself but I understand if you delete the group in Stream, it would delete it everywhere. But deleting a channel shouldn’t delete the group, I would hope.