Brand Detection in Microsoft Video Indexer

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Hi @Marc Mroz - when features like this launch in Azure, do they also automatically show up in Stream?


Brand Detection in Microsoft Video Indexer

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No, not automatically. There are a couple of facets to this. 


Any underlying service we leverage in Stream needs to be fully compliant (ISO, SOC, HIPPA certs, O365 Tier C+, etc). This is a requirement so that Stream itself remains complaint. Some of the underlying new AI services offered from MS and VI don't yet have their compliance certifications, as such we can't use them in Stream until they do. (The various feature by feature from VI).


In addition VI does build some UI/UX as part of their offering but mostly it's APIs. We need to build our own UI/UX on top of these capabilities to make sure they fit/work with Stream, etc.


Today Video Indexer as I understand is somewhat of a layer on top of Azure Media Services adding the extra fancy capabilities. Over the course of time we'll be working to merge VI capabilities and AMS more closer together, so when we deploy AMS to a new DC we can leverage the VI stuff from there as well without other deployments or calls to other DCs, etc.