Basic Questions about rights in MS Stream

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Hi together,


we started to use Stream instead of O365 Video.

It would be great if some more experienced users could help me answering the following questions:


1. I configured that only some special users can create company-wide channels in Stream. Every normal user is able to create his own channels. For me as an admin it is inconvenient, that i cannot see the channels a user created by himself. How to deal with this?


2. Every User should generally be able to upload videos. What i don't like is that every user is able to upload videos into every channel. Can i prevent the users from this?


3. How can i edit the channel rights? (e.g. making a private, user generated channel to a companywide channel?


4. Isn't a Sharepoint space lying under the Stream? (As it was in O365 Video -> am i able to open the files in sharepoint?)


Thank you in advance


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