Auto-generate Captions "Something Went Wrong"

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We did a Teams live Event yesterday where, once finished, we've downloaded the recording and uploaded into MS Stream to make distribute. Stream is not auto-generating captions, though. In the Settings panels, language is set to English and auto-generate is checked but in the video player window, the Transcript Window has an error saying:


"Something went wrong and we're not sure why."


Is it just that this video (90mins long) is taking some time to analyse? If not, how can we fix this?


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Just to update that after 5 days the captions status has not changed.

@BaldRickB et al

So i see the "Something went wrong and we’re not sure why." error too - this is for when I've downloaded, editted and uploaded the .vtt 
Although I've done that for others without any issue

Anybody got advice?!

@BaldRickB Its now November and we are still seeing this issue.  Did you ever find a solution?

@ryanmoriarty Please open a support ticket if there are issues where the transcript is enabled for a video, you have the language set, but after waiting it doesn't ever generate, we'd need to investigate your issue.