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Just getting to grips with Stream, and the auto-captioning.


Our videos are consistently out of sync - the timings of each caption are way out. I can't see an option to edit those timings, only the text.


How do I rectify this, please? If the auto-captions aren't in sync with the audio, then they're completely redundant.


Thanks for your time.

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Hi @sitwi,

You could try to amend the caption file by downloading it

Using the caption file cleaner

Make any amendments to it and reupload it

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Thanks @Christopher Hoard. That pulls all the captions into one nice, neat paragraph. What I need is to be able to change the timings - not remove them - on the transcript. Currently they are all over the place (which seems an odd thing to get wrong?!) but they are not even close to the timings on the video. I need to align the captions with the audio, by amending the timings - but I can see no way to do that.


There must be a way, surely?!

Hi @sitwi

@Marc Mroz  may be able to give some guidance here on the next course of action. I would be interested if this was in another place than the caption file itself

Have you thought about the possibility of editing the video and turning the autocaption off which removes it from the video, then editing it again and turning the autocaption back on? It takes a few hours but should rebuild it, and may correct the issues. Could be worth a try

Let me know how it goes

Best, Chris